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Question asked by thong127 on Feb 12, 2010
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Hi to Everyone,


Kindly Help me please to my problem, I have fileds:


1. Material Name

2. Quantity Received,

3. Quantity Balance,

4. Quantity Status (Active, Expired)


I have also a Field, I called it Total Quantity Received with a type of Summary (= Quanity Received (running with restart) when sorted by Material Table:: Quanity Received) and Total Quantity Balance with a type of Summary (= Quanity Balance (running with restart) when sorted by Material Table:: Quantity Balance).


My Problem now is, I want that when I search the Material Name the Total Quantity Balance will automatically disregard or subtract the number or amount of the materials received which are Expired. Kindly help me to figure out the calculation.


Thank you very much.