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           should this work   -  set field (information::check number;open payables::check number + 1

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          I'm still a learner but I think it is Yes in a script  and no in “specify calculation box“ and   those bracket are square bracket not curve  http://www.filemaker.com/11help/html/scripts_ref1.36.39.html but what exactly do you want to achieve?
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                 just figured  my error  -  the calculation does work  -  sometimes i get hung up on a script thinking it should work in filemaker when it doesnt  -  just wanted to make sure this script worked in filemaker  -  thanks  

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                   Such a script step may work or fail depending on the table occurrence "context" in place at the time the script step is executed. If the current layout is based on either information with a valid relationship to the correct recrod in open payables or based on open payables with a valid relationship to the correct record in information, then it will work. If you are on a layout where neither of these is the case, it will fail.