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Question asked by Kirk_1 on Nov 2, 2013
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     i have 5853 records in a sub summary. It sorts the states based on 11 geographic locations. 

     I need to do a calculation for extra charges and multiply the count of records in each location.

     For example i have 354 records for the Dallas, TX area. The extra charges for that area total $95.00 per record...                 $ 33630.00 additional for the sub summary for Dallas.

     My counts are summaries, and the calculation won't work based on a summary.

     I can, but do not want to load the $95.00 into each record and so a summary of that. I was hoping for something more dynamic as an instant calculation. I want that because I'll negotiate the extra charges and want 11 locations to change the charges not 359 or 5853...

     Any ideas?