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           i have 5853 records in a sub summary. It sorts the states based on 11 geographic locations. 

           I need to do a calculation for extra charges and multiply the count of records in each location.

           For example i have 354 records for the Dallas, TX area. The extra charges for that area total $95.00 per record...                 $ 33630.00 additional for the sub summary for Dallas.

           My counts are summaries, and the calculation won't work based on a summary.

           I can, but do not want to load the $95.00 into each record and so a summary of that. I was hoping for something more dynamic as an instant calculation. I want that because I'll negotiate the extra charges and want 11 locations to change the charges not 359 or 5853...

           Any ideas?

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               use the GetSummary function instead of referencing the summary field in your calculation. If you specify the same "break" field in the getsummary function that you used as the "sortedby" field in your sub summary layout part, you will get the same sub total.