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Question asked by filemakernew on Nov 7, 2013
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     kindly help me to make a calculation to generate our own Lot No. if I click a new record. In our SOP, if we receive a material we are following this format to generate a certain lot no. for materials we receive. The first two digits is the last two digit of the present year, the second two digits is the  number of the month and the last three digits are sequential of 3 digits base from the number of materials received from that  month.

     below is the example if I received material today my lot no. will be 1311001 if I receive another material tomorrow 1311002.....1311003...

      (13 - last two digit of the current year ; 11 - Number of the current Month ; 001 last three sequential digit based from the materials received from this month


     Thank you.