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           I'm fairly new still.  I am trying to put together a calculation that will write a path to a folder where I would like to store my PDF's before I email them.  FM does not seem to like the "\" in the calculation but I'm not sure why.  Could someone let me know why or if they have a better solution.  Thanks.



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               The backslash is a special character when placed inside a quoted string. "\"" evaluates as a single double quote character. To get an actual backslash, you put it in twice. "\\" will evaluate as a single \.

               See this thread to learn more about file paths and container fields: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts

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                 Thanks for the explanation on the backslash, it was driving me crazy.

                 I did download your sample file, thank you for sharing that.  I have been looking through it and even though I will need to dissect some the calculations more, I really found the temporary path useful, especially prior to emailing as you explained.  One thing I was not completely clear on is why you would use the "file:" tag prior to the rest of the variable.  If you could explain it more in-depth to me that would be great.

                 Thanks for response Phil, it is much appreciated.

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                   There are several "tags" that can appear at the start of a FileMaker File path: filewin: ; filemac: ; imagemac: ; imagewin....

                   "file:" works on both mac and windows platforms. In some cases and with some versions of FileMaker, you don't need the "file:" tag at all but by including it, I get something that should work in just about all contexts and versions except for image files inserted with the insert picture menu option.