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Calculation and Auto Enter problems (VLOOKUP)

Question asked by NickLawrence on Jan 17, 2014
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Calculation and Auto Enter problems (VLOOKUP)


     I'm trying to set up a purchase order system in FM Pro 12, I have three criteria that needs to be fulfilled when calculating the value, this is based on roles, e.g.


     This is the layout I have:

     Product1 Description1 Day1 Fees1 Role %1 Role1 Total1

     Product2 Description2 Day2 Fees2 Role %2 Role2 Total2

     Product3 Description3 Day3 Fees3 Role %3 Role3 Total3

     Product4 Description4 Day4 Fees4 Role %4 Role4 Total4

     Product5 Description5 Day5 Fees5 Role %5 Role5 Total5

     Product6 Description6 Day6 Fees6 Role %6 Role6 Total6

     Product7 Description7 Day7 Fees7 Role %7 Role7 Total7


     Product, Description, Day and Role are all drop down menus,

     Fees is entered manually

     Role% should come from another database once the role is specified, although this only seems to work in Role%1 not on any of the other lines??? • Once the role% is auto entered the total of the fees is calculated, again this seems to be calculating it for the first line then entering it in to all the total fields 1-7???.

     Some roles need to have a fixed fee entered as opposed to the % being calculated, I had this working when using repeating fields but it doesn’t seem to work now even though I’ve updated the calculation:


     Original Calculation:

     Case(Role::Role %[1] = "Fixed";200;Role::Role %[1] = "AB";100;Fees[1] * Role::Role %[1])


     Updated Calculation:

     Case(Role::Role %1 = "Fixed";200;Role::Role %1 = "AB";100;Fees1 * Role::Role %1)


     Plus only the first 2 roles work from the drop down menu, none of the others put the % in?


     I hope I’ve explained it so people can understand, but please ask additional questions if I’ve missed stuff. Many thanks in advance for any help, it is greatly appreciated.


     Kind regards