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Calculation and currency format.

Question asked by CharlesNelson on Apr 8, 2013
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Calculation and currency format.


     Hello Everyone,

     I am a bit of a filemaker novice here. Currently I have a database and multiple scripted layouts that are generating a parts catalog. I however do not have pricing for every item in the catalog. What I would like to do is convert my number fields to text fields, be able to retain the calculations that happen there but add in "Call" if the field is blank.

     Here is what the calculation currently looks like: BasePrice*DiscountedCost*Multiplier*PricingQty

     The above works fine and in a number field with formatting options the results are fine I get a $xxx.xx result. However as I mentioned above I need it to say "Call" if it is 0. I've tried an if statment with If (BasePrice = "0";"Call";"BasePrice*DiscountedCost*Multiplier*PricingQty") but this seems to break the calculation. Furthermore On top of that since it is now a text field I need to wrap it in a currency format with 2 decimal places. Can anyone help me with the proper formula for this?

     Filemaker Pro 12

     I appreciate any help!