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Calculation and Sum for all Records

Question asked by NikosGewrgioy on Feb 13, 2013


Calculation and Sum for all Records





     I would like to make a relationship for sold items and for stock items to know how many items I have in stock.

     I have two fields one for Quantity Potentiometer and one for Type of Potentiometer.

     I make a calculation field with with name Sold 250k Pot with function: If (Pot type = "CTS 250k Audio Pot";  Quantity Pot) and then I have another one calculation which removes the Bought 250k Pot and I know how many Pots are in stock (Bought 250k Pot - Sold 250k Pot) and work perfectly but if I go to a new record the Bought, Sold and Stock fields didn't show me the remaining stock items or the bought parts or the sold parts from the previous projects.


     Could you help me to solve this problem?


     I have uploaded the database to Dropbox to show you the problem.


     Thank you in advance