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Calculation and Value List Issues

Question asked by BradenDouglass on Feb 4, 2011
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Calculation and Value List Issues


Alright all, I think I have cleaned up my general problems with my value lists (thanks to PhilJunkMod). However, I have a calculation that should change after the second value list is validated / modified and it currently doesn't. What occurs is when you select the first "category" drop down list and select one, FM passes the first dynamic value from that category into your next (or dynamic) value list. At this point the calculation fires (which it should do); however, if I change value list 2 to anything else, the calculation never changes. Anyone have some tips? At the link below is the DB and if you goto the Est Main layout then modify the material category and material selection you will see what I am talking about under Selling S/m. Thanks all!