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Calculation Based on Certain Group

Question asked by DominickReda on Apr 9, 2012
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Calculation Based on Certain Group


Hi everyone,

I have a table, to keep it simple lets say these are the field:

Table Name - Payments


  • Contractor
  • Payment #
  • Amount This Payment
Note that there are four different contractors, each with multiple payments.
I've created a new layout (let's call it "Payment Snapshot") which groups by Contractor and sorts each group by Payment #. I have a total at the end of each group which gives me the total paid for all Payment #'s for each contractor. Up to this point, everything works great. What I'm trying to do is, on the "Payment Snapshot" layout, show a percentage paid to date based on each of their overall contract amounts.
I'm not sure of where I would specify each of the contractors Total Contract Amounts (as they each differ) in order to make another calculation field to show the percentage. I'm sure this is really basic stuff so I apologize in advance for the question. I've tried for an hour with no luck.