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    Calculation based on condition of another field



      Calculation based on condition of another field


      Hello All,

      I am developing a budget layout. I need to take sum of 3 values based on some condition

      Here I created some fields, these are as follow:



      Credit Card amount


      I also have 2 field defining the type of transaction

      Field :  DebitCardTransaction Type  >> contains Value List : (  CashAdvance , Purchase)

      Field : CreditCardTransaction Type  >> contains Value list : ( CashAdvance , Purchase)


      I am trying to make a sum calculation that based on condition:

      Total = CashAmount  + CreditCard + Debit Card

      the problem I face is that  

      I want  to include  All cashmounts,  All Credit Card amounts ( BOTH CreditCard Transaction Type: Cashadvance AND Purchase )  BUT Debitcard amount(for DebitCard Transaction Type: Include Purchase EXCLUDE CASHADVANCE)

      I am kind of new to calculation functions. I could not figure out which functions I could use (get?, Evaluate?, IF? , Case?) 


      I hope that I could explain what I want to achieve in a clear way so that somebody can recommend me a calculation formula.