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Calculation based on Value List Checkboxes

Question asked by KiwiKim25 on Nov 4, 2010
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Calculation based on Value List Checkboxes


I don't know why, but I have the hardest time with calculations.  Can someone help?

Basic Set Up:

Everthing is based out of my main table.  Let's call it Table 1.  Each Record is one person (like a medical record). 

On there I have a portal to another table, Data Table. 

There is a field on there called Behaviors.  Behaviors has a Value List (Called Behavior) with Smile, Frown, Laugh and Cry, which I have set up as a Check Box.  It's next to a Date Field so that each day has its own set of check boxes.

My hope is to set up a calcuation to let me know if the person who's record is open has a history of Smile or Laugh (which are in the Value List- Check boxes).  (Whether just one or a billion doesn't matter)

So far I've gotten it to say "NO" using an IF function... except it said no even if Smile or Laugh WERE clicked.

If it only works for just One Value from the Value List, that's ok.  I don't mind doing two calcuations... I just have no idea what I'm doing!

Thank you for your help!  I really appreciate it!!