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Calculation based on value list from related record

Question asked by AnthonyTesoriero on Nov 3, 2013
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Calculation based on value list from related record


     I have about 8 hours invested in attempting to figure out what should be a basic calculation but I'm now at the "throw something through the screen" level and asking for help...

     I have 2 date fields called "date of notice to owner" and "date of notice to lien-holders".

     The date of both will always match however while there is always an owner there is not always a lien holder therefore I need the field to populate based upon a calculation.

     All lien holder and owner records are contained in a related database and defined by a "type" field to distinguish them.

     "Date of notice to owner" automatically fills in based on a different calculation call "auction date" 

     I need the proper formula to get "date of notice to lien-holders" to fill in automatically or remain blank based on whether or not a record does or does not have a related lien holder record.  

     I've tried "If" "Case" "is Empty" "Evaluate" logic expressions based on text and numbers. I cannot get the filed to work in a manner that it auto populates and or erases if lienholder have been deleted.  

     Thank you in advance for your help