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Calculation between child and adults in Contact Database.

Question asked by LuisCovarrubias on Aug 8, 2014
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Calculation between child and adults in Contact Database.


     Hello, I need some help on making a form like( I have a database which includes the names and addresses of all the people in my community. I have a separate table just for this form and is linked to the "contacts" table by their address.

     Each record in the neighborhood watch table has the address of each house. Which then shows the name of the people living there by using a portal. However, here is my problem. The form has two separate fields for Adults and Children. Each person has their own record but is not organized well because not everyone wanted to include their age. So they were given these options:


     PreK-Grade 2

     Grade 3-7



     Senior Citizen

     Special Needs

     What kind of fields would I have to make to separate the Adults and Children? We can assume that Adult and Senior Citizen are adults. Anything that isn't that is not. So I think I can use some if/else calculations but I'm still not sure. Any help would be appreciated.