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Calculation depending on currency

Question asked by AndrewJudd on Jul 5, 2015
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Calculation depending on currency


HI all, I am attempting to list the total retail amounts that belong to contacts (in my case artworks that are consigned from). I have a portal to my inventory in contacts which is working fine. I have also managed to get a general total working by using -


However this is a bit limiting as artworks are sold in different currencies - I have a simple currency field to allow different records to be given a different currency at time of entry.

I have tried using calculation fields from with artwork - If (CURRENCY = "£" ; Retail Summary)

With Retail Summary then set as a summary field of Retail. 

I have also tried a calculation field from within Clients - If (ARTWORK 2::CURRENCY= "£" ; Sum (ARTWORK 2::RETAIL))

Both return totals of all retail whatever the currency. Attached is my relationship graph if this is needed for background.

Any ideas?

thank you