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Calculation difficulty

Question asked by gorobei28 on Mar 26, 2009
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Calculation difficulty



Here is the scenario.  My database is to follow student training. I have a "Class Assigned" field, an "Attended" field which has a drop down list with the choices "Yes", "No".  I have another field called "Class Completed".


I have a relationship between "Class Assigned" and "Attended".


What I want to happen is this:


When I enter a "Class Assigned" and choose "Yes" in the "Attended" field the information in the "Class Assigned" field will automatically go to "Class Completed" as well.  If I choose "No" then nothing happens to the "Class Completed" field. 


These fields all are repeating because there will be multiple classes entered. 


I can't seem to put togehter the right calculation to make this happen.


I hope I explained this fully enough if not I will explain more. Any help would be appreciated.


I hope I explained this fully enough