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    Calculation doesn't work when setting variables



      Calculation doesn't work when setting variables


           Hey, I have a problem.

           I have a complex calculation, in which many fields are repeated over and over again, so i simply replaced their names using:

           Let ([ o0 = calc::open;
           h0 = calc::high;
           l0 = calc::low;
           c0 = calc::close;

           (fragment of multiline formula)

           But then comes the problem - it doesn't display the right results for whatever reason. When I switch back to original fields, it works again. All the number fields are set to have "number" value, all text - to text, but still it doesn't work. Any ideas?

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               You might need to double check your layout/record "context" here. Is this a calculation for a script step or a calculation field?

               If you are setting up a calculation field, does the use of "calc::" mean that these values are from a related table? What have you selected in the "context" drop down at the top of the Specify Calculation dialog?

               If this is for a script step, are you on a layout based on the "calc" table occurence? Or a layout based on a related table that has a valid link to the correct related record for the current record on your layout?