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    Calculation error



      Calculation error


         I have converted a previous data base in FMP 4 to the v11 and am using a trial version until our new software / hardware arrives.  I am running on a Dell laptop with xp installed, and our new system will be MAC.  My issue is that in a business application, I have created a receivables summary field that is a lookup to separate from our actual contract table.  The calculation for the Balace due summary is not correctly calculation from Payment Summary and the Project Total fields I have imported.  It functions correctly with one payment record but is incorrect when multiple payments are applied.  I am attaching a "sandbox" version of the file I have been playing with, but so far I have not been able to resolve the issue.  Any suggestions?


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          Sum ( Payment ) will always produce identical results to just referring to Payment unless Payment is a repeating field.

          To sum multiple values with this funciton you'd use either a repeating field or one of these two expressions:

          Sum ( field1 ; field2 ; field3 )

          Sum ( RelatedTable::Field )

          Your Payment Summary field will compute the total of all records in your current found set. It thus will compute different totals when the found set changes so that may explain your incorrect results here.

          To go any further than that, I'd need to know more about how this payment table is set up.