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Calculation Errors - Returning totals that don't match by .01

Question asked by JennyArntzen_1 on Mar 30, 2015
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Calculation Errors - Returning totals that don't match by .01


Hi Everyone, I have set up a simple calculating table to keep a running record of client account balances. It is comprised of four fields: Amount_Previous, Amount_Invoice, Amount_Paid, and Account_Balance.

I cut and paste the Amount_Previous from the previous record in Account_Balance to carry the balance forward. Amount_Invoice is a lookup field that brings in the Invoice total (a calculating field) related by pk_Invoice. Amount_Paid is entered manually whenever a payment is made. Account_Balance is a calculating field that starts with Amount_Previous, subtracts Amount_Invoice and adds Amount_Paid to give a result. 

For some reason, the calculations are returning values that do not match by a penny.


Can anyone explain how this can be happening and what I can do about it?