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    Calculation Field



      Calculation Field


      I am building a database for members of an association-  I have a field where I check whether the person is a member or a guest (radio button)


      What I want is to have an membership status where if in the previous field I have selected guest - The status field displays guest and if I have selected member then the status should auto enter "Paid"


      Is this a calculation field or an autoenter field? 

      How to you set this up?



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          you can use even a copy of the same field formatted as an Edit Box, provided that the two values are: guest and paid.

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            Thank you Daniele


            But what I need exactly is I have a filed drop down from value list for which I can choose whether the person is a member or a guest -


            The next field is called membership status - For which I can choose by radio button active or inactive


            I want to be able to auto enter this field so that in the event I choose member on field number 1 then active is checked automatically and in the event I check guest on field number 1 then inactive is checked for the active/inactive field


            Can you help




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              Your first example used Status of paid!?  Anyway, I believe I understand what you are asking ...


              Will you EVER need the ability to change a member to inactive or a guest to active once first selected?  If not, then you can use a calculation (result is text) with:


              Case ( Field1 = "Guest" ; "Inactive" ; "Active" )


              If you might need to ever go against this rule set then use a standard text field with Options of auto-enter by calculation.  Leave checked below calculation 'Do not replace existing value if any' and use same calculation above.  In this way (when the record is created), the first time you ever fill in whether member or guest, the calculation will evaluate properly.  But if you set them as member and then decide they should be inactive, you can change the membership status.



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                Thank you I got this to partially work


                I am using an auto enter calculation field and there are some instances where I might have to change the status of a member


                But please confirm this calculation I must enter on the status field Correct Meaning I have the two fields one that says member or guest and then the status field


                Following your Formula I should set up this calculation on the STATUS FIELD CORRECT??  Case (Member_Or_Guest = "Guest" ; "Inactive" ; "Active")  Do I have to type an option for the Active ones - You see by typing the formula above I get to choose guest and the status shows inactive which is correct but If I change to Member nothing is happening -  Am I doing something wrong??


                Also what about if I want to have a third option on my value list "Active" "Inactive" "Guest"  - So that if I choose a member the status field auto enters "Active" but I can in the future make them inactive - But if I choose Guest the status should be Guest - and Once I switch them to members then they will auto enter Active.




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                  Yes, the calculation goes on the Status field.   I said that, if you ever need to break the rules (such as wanting a Guest to be status of Active) then you must use auto-enter.  You can semi-automate it  by unchecking in Auto-Enter tab below Calculated value 'Do not replace existing value...' and adjust the calculation  to your changed rules as:


                  Case (
                  Member_Or_Guest = "Guest" ; "Guest" ;
                  Member_Or_Guest = "Member" ; "Active"


                  With the above calculation (and even with 'do not replace' unchecked), there is possibility that a Member can be changed to status of Guest. If you need to trap for that, you will need an auto-enter calculation back on your Member_Or_Guest field as well or use conditional value list.

                  "Active" "Inactive" "Guest"  breaks standardization of what data is included in field names.  Active/Inactive is a Status.  Guest/Member is a person Type.  Logically, the data should be split accordingly.  Consider how you will want reports grouped and how staff will need to perform finds; this will help you work through it. :smileyhappy:

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                       Thanks It worked!!