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calculation field

Question asked by mark_d2x on Mar 17, 2010


calculation field




I have created a lookup table to contain hospital numbers with the hospital, what I want to do is use the hospital number as part of a filepath for a container field.  there are 2 possible hospitals hospital A and hospital B


the calculation should be:


filepath A = server A s:\documents/hospital number hospital A.doc


and for a second container field


filepath B = server A\s:\documents/hospital number hospital B.doc


I think the calculation should go along the lines:


If (HOSPITAL_NUMBER::HOSPITAL = hospital A; 0; server A s:\documents/HOSPITAL NUMBER::NUMBER & ".doc")


All the letters are word documents and new letters are appended to the end of the document so are dynamic documents.  Ideally, the letters should be viewable and even better editable within FMP.


Any suggestions?