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Calculation field (output = number) won't display on layout

Question asked by dicksmith on Jan 17, 2011
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Calculation field (output = number) won't display on layout


I have a calculation field Field1, and have placed it into the body of a layout. Field1 needs currency formatting, $xxx,xx.yy, so in Define Database I've specified the calculation result to be Number.  Back in the layout, the field displays as a question mark "?".  So I go back to Define Database and respecify the calculation result as Text.  Now back in the layout the value of Field1 is displayed just fine, but as Text I've lost the option to specify as currency.

The definition of Field1 includes another calculation field Field2 (output = number) which displays just fine on the layout.  How can I display Field1 as I want to?

Running FMP7 for Mac