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Calculation Field Does Not Refresh with Refresh Window

Question asked by johnhorner on May 16, 2012
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Calculation Field Does Not Refresh with Refresh Window


i have a report layout that contains a calculation field.  the calculation references a summary field in a related table.  if the data is changed in any of the fields in the related table which are being summarized, the calculation field fails to "refresh" or show the correct total.  i have a button on the layout to refresh the window and flush the cache.  this has no effect.  if i place the related summary field on the layout, it will update using the refresh window step so i know ht esummary field itself is current and accurate (but i need the calculation field because it is used by other summary fields on the layout).

if i close the file and then reopen it and go back to the report, it updates everything and it will display the correct totals in the calculation field.  does anyone know how to get this calculation field to update?  can whatever process/es that takes place when i close and reopen the file be scripted somehow?  any thoughts much appreciated.  thanks...