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Calculation field error in portal rows except first row

Question asked by RedL on Jan 26, 2014
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Calculation field error in portal rows except first row


My three calculation fields(Marked by A on the attached pdf) (UnpaidAmtThisMonth, UnpaidAmtLastMonth, and UnpaidAmtRange) are correct on the first portal row(marked B) and blank/incorrect on the other portal rows(marked C).  These three fields' relationship includes date range(marked D).  The relationship and date selection should be correct, because the first portal row calculation information is correct.

     The other calculation field(marked by E) (UnpaidAmt) is correct on all portal rows(marked F) which does not have date range.
     The portal row information will be correct if I remove data range relationship. For example, on the attached "Portal Row(without date range on This month)"(Mark G) portal information, I remove date range from BK_UnpaidThisMonth which mean the relationship is exact same as BK_Unpaid.
     The portal rows are incorrect if I change the all data range relationship from larger/equal and smaller/equal to "x".
     I use FMPV11.