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Calculation Field Giving Different Result For Remote Users

Question asked by johnhorner on Apr 10, 2012
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Calculation Field Giving Different Result For Remote Users



i have a calculation field that essentially adds a couple summary fields from a related table together.  It works fine when using the database on the host machine.  However, if the database is opened remotely it shows a very different result.  In fact, for some of the records, it does not seem to even resolve one of the basic relationships.  one of the related fields on the "main" layout is empty and un-enterable on some records, while on other records it shows the correct related information and the field can be edited (on all the "parent" records the field points to the same related record).  a simple refresh window step on any parent record partially fixes this problem and displays the correct related information and makes the field enterable again in the records where it was absent. however, the calculation field does not change and continues to display an "incorrect" value.  however. if i cut and paste the information in any of the parent records key fields, it fixes the calculation problem for that individual parent record.  but if i re-enter (cut and paste) the data in the related field (on any of the parent records), then everything gets resolved in all the parent records (related data is visible in all records and the calculation fields "refresh" themselves).

Any ideas why this is happening for the remote users and how i might be able to fix it...?