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Calculation Field Glitch?

Question asked by Olex on Aug 30, 2010
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Calculation Field Glitch?


Hi all, I can't understand whether it's me or FileMaker's glitch.

I have calculation:

In the field "LTS Payment Amount Received" i put amount received, so let's say it's 165.

In the other field (which is set to "Calculation" field) i want it to display text "Additional Day Fee" ONLY if the amount is greater than 165, otherwise the text is invisible.

So I have :

Case ( LTS Payment Amount Received > 165 ; "Additional Day Fee" ; "" )

I also tried:

Case ( LTS Payment Amount Received > "165" ; "Additional Day Fee" ; "" )

Case ( LTS Payment Amount Received < 165 ; "" ; "Additional Day Fee" )

It all works fine when i put in amount between 100 and 165 - it shows nothing, just as I want it and text appears when i enter 166 and up but...

when i put in any amount below 100 - the text appears. What is more strange that is if I put in "1" or "10" the text dissapear again, but appears when i enter "2" or "17" and so on.

What do I do wrong?

Thanks for your help.