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calculation field heirarchy

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Jan 3, 2011
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calculation field heirarchy


I have the following auto calculation set for Invoices::Payment_Status.

Case(Invoices::Invoice_Status = "CONFIRMED" or Invoices::Invoice_Status = "FINAL QUOTE" ; "OUTSTANDING" ;
Invoices::Invoice_Status = "QUOTE" or Invoices::Invoice_Status = "NO INVOICE"  or Invoices::Invoice_Status = "DID NOT HAPPEN"  or Invoices::Invoice_Status = "IN PROGRESS"; "NO INVOICE" ;
Invoices::Invoice_Status = "CANCELLED"; "CANCELLED"; Self)

The problem is that I also have this auto calculation on Invoices::Invoice_Status that it supercedes:

If (Payment_Status="RECEIVED"; "FINAL QUOTE"; Self)

I can't enter an invoice (Invoice_Status) as "Received" with calculation one. Both calculations are equally important, so I need to figure out a way for both to work together. I guess I need to be able to override the first calculation based on the second.

Any ideas?