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calculation field in related table doesn't update the result

Question asked by BorioMarco on Jun 25, 2013
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calculation field in related table doesn't update the result


     Hi everybody,

     i have a problem with my first database..... it's just a two table DB with one relationship, but i'm trying to learn how to make it work properly.

     In my first table (called orders) I have several fields (salesmen, product, amount, invoice number etc) and in the second table i would like to get a report about the turn-over of one specified salesmen (sub-total for product families and grand total).

     I've set a Salesmen_ID in my main Table, sub-totals for Product family are calculated in fields under the same Table.

     In the second Table (called example Mike as one of the salesmen) I've set the Salesmen_ID and create the relationship with Order Table, than I've the fields for the sub-totals (data coming from the Order table records) and a new field calculating the grand total.

     And here is where i get my problem...

     Everything seams to work fine, the data are correctly taken from the records of Order table, but.... The data in "Mike" table updates their values ONLY if i first select the Salesmen_ID field and press TAB.... than the data are updating with the new values. 

     If i go back to Orders, modify some record (change amount or change product family), when i go back to "mike" table the data are not updated, i still have to select the Salesmen_ID field and press TAB.

     There is a way to make those field update automatically??? 

     I think the main problem is that I'm just trying, I had this on an excel file and I'm trying to make it on FM. 

     It might be the way i set the relationship or just I'm missing something.....  

     HELP!!!!!  Thanks for you reply...