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Calculation field not showing updates

Question asked by RobertSchweizer on Aug 31, 2011
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Calculation field not showing updates


Hi @ all,

I have a problem here and I can't find the solution. I have a portal on a layout "invoice" that shows fields from a related table called "items".

The fields are items::price, items::discount and items::discount value. Under the portal I also have placed the fields items::discount total, items::discount value total and items::grand total.

The user does only get to see the invoice layout. The grand total and the discount value total are summary fields, that summarize the total of all price fields and all the discount value fields, that are related by the same invoice number.

Now the user can change the price field from within the portal through the invoice layout and the gradn total field, as well as the discount field and discount value field will change. But now I have a button, that increases the discount field, which by the way shows the percantage of discount. If you hit the button, the price will change, as well as the discount value, in the same portal row. But the summary fields under the portal are now empty. Only when you click on them you see, that they contain the summarize results, but they will not show them until you click in to them.

Hope this is not too confusing and someone can help me, because this is driving me crazy:-D