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Calculation Field Not Updating on IWP

Question asked by wkparkjoe on Jun 20, 2011
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Calculation Field Not Updating on IWP



I'm having an issue with a calculation field not updating when using IWP.

I have a calculation field called Drivers Driving Status. This field is used to tell HR whether the person eligable to drive a company vechicle. It is calculated based off of 2 additional fields, 1) Drivers Abstract and 2) Drivers Abstract Status. The first field is a check box value field with 3 values associated: "Received  ", "  N/A", "Obtained by HR". The spaces in the first two values are on purpose to make formatting look nicer on IWP. The second field has multiple values in a pull down menu for the Abstract Status.

My calculation field: Drivers Driving Status is setup as following:

Drivers Driving Status =

Case (
Drivers Abstract = "  N/A" ; "N/A" ;
Drivers Abstract = "Received  " and
   IsEmpty ( Drivers Abstract Status ) ; "Incomplete" ;
Drivers Abstract = "Received  " and
   not IsEmpty ( Drivers Abstract Status ) ; Drivers Abstract Status ;

I have it set to always evaluate and as UNSTORED. For some reason IWP never updates this field properly, but if I use Filemaker Pro, the field updates. I have other calculation fields that update through IWP and Filemaker Pro. Any suggestions as to where I can figure out why this field doesn't update on IWP properly?


I noticed one strange thing. For the Drivers Abstract field, when I check it through IWP and then go look at it in a blank form where the contents of the field are displayed, I noticed one of the 3 values for that field is in there and a carriage return. I've never seen this before. Any idea what could be causing IWP to take a check box value and put a carriage return in it?