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    Calculation Field Not Updating on IWP



      Calculation Field Not Updating on IWP



      I'm having an issue with a calculation field not updating when using IWP.

      I have a calculation field called Drivers Driving Status. This field is used to tell HR whether the person eligable to drive a company vechicle. It is calculated based off of 2 additional fields, 1) Drivers Abstract and 2) Drivers Abstract Status. The first field is a check box value field with 3 values associated: "Received  ", "  N/A", "Obtained by HR". The spaces in the first two values are on purpose to make formatting look nicer on IWP. The second field has multiple values in a pull down menu for the Abstract Status.

      My calculation field: Drivers Driving Status is setup as following:

      Drivers Driving Status =

      Case (
      Drivers Abstract = "  N/A" ; "N/A" ;
      Drivers Abstract = "Received  " and
         IsEmpty ( Drivers Abstract Status ) ; "Incomplete" ;
      Drivers Abstract = "Received  " and
         not IsEmpty ( Drivers Abstract Status ) ; Drivers Abstract Status ;

      I have it set to always evaluate and as UNSTORED. For some reason IWP never updates this field properly, but if I use Filemaker Pro, the field updates. I have other calculation fields that update through IWP and Filemaker Pro. Any suggestions as to where I can figure out why this field doesn't update on IWP properly?


      I noticed one strange thing. For the Drivers Abstract field, when I check it through IWP and then go look at it in a blank form where the contents of the field are displayed, I noticed one of the 3 values for that field is in there and a carriage return. I've never seen this before. Any idea what could be causing IWP to take a check box value and put a carriage return in it?

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          Calculations can evaluate differently in IWP.

          In part because data on the page isnt written back to the database in the same timings as in FMP.

          I dont  remember where it is off hand but there is an article talking about the differences between how things evaluate in IWP.

          Ill look for it but maybe Phil can drop by.


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            Hi aammondd:

            Thanks for your reply. I noticed something strange. When you have a field that is setup as a check box with a value list setup, when you check one of the boxes for a value in that field thorugh IWP, it writes the value to the field and does a <CR>. When you do the same through FMP, it just writes the value to the field, no <CR>.

            I came up with an alternative that works in this scenario but I can definitely see being a problem in the future. I changed the value list from a check box to a pull down menu. My calculation field now updates properly. Any suggestions? I was thinking about opening a support ticket with FM because this seems very strange.

            I also forgot to metion that I'm developing/testing using FMPA 11.3 and using IWP on FM Server Advanced 10.2.

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              Selected checkbox values are stored in the field separated by returns in both cases. You can watch this happen if you place two copies of a text field on your layout and format one copy as a checkbox group and one as an edit box. You'll see the values selected by the user in the checkbox group listed in the edit box copy separated by returns and listed in the order that they were clicked.

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                Id mention it. Is your valuelist table driven or is it a custom value list.