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Calculation Field Override

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Jan 11, 2011
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Calculation Field Override


I have a calculation field on a schedule page that looks up times of an event from our work orders (Invoices) table. In some cases, I need to be able to put in the work order on separate days and be able to change the field.

For example, a rental is happening on 1/12 at 11am and ends 1/14 at 1PM, but a tech needs to be there on 1/13 at 9am for a rehearsal. In this case, I would need to link the work order/invoice with an additional day so the tech knew what time to be there on the middle day.

Currently, when I put an event on a schedule day, it populates the rental start and end date and times for load in/out. This is fine for the start date and end date. Sometimes, though we need to note other days and times in these fields on this one layout.

I have a linking table between the Invoices and Shedule tables to allow this.

If I use an auto-enter calculation for this field, it inputs the data only when I first enter the invoice number and doesn't mirror the invoice as a calculation field does. It would be great if I could modify a calculation field without changing what appears on the work order/invoice.