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Calculation Field question

Question asked by ralvy on Oct 25, 2008
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Calculation Field question


I'm in the process of evaluating both FilemakerPro 9 and AlphaFive 9. My experience with databasing is with a fully relational DBMS in the DOS world, DataPerfect. I'm considering converting a major DP database to a Windows database like FP, but have some questions regarding FP's Calculation fields.


DP has a calculated field that doesn't store its data in the data file at all. It updates whenever it's displayed on the screen, or it's accessed by a report or another field's formula when that other field's record is being edited or accessed by a report. Otherwise, this type of calculated field's formula isn't triggered.


This has the advantage of not burdening the database with updating tens or hundreds of thousands of records that may have such a field when opening the database. A simple example of such a field is an Age field, which has a formula that works of the Birthdate field. I really don't need to see that value when not displaying the record or running a report that includes it.


When I play around with FP, it seems to not have such a field type. That is, its calculated fields seem to store their data in the data file, so when they're set to always update, they'll do that in all records that have them, when opening the database. Is this true?