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Calculation field resulting in both text or number?

Question asked by DianeBrabers8092 on Oct 25, 2011
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Calculation field resulting in both text or number?


I am working on standarizing a proposal layout.  I have standard fields and lines on the layout for the proposal like:

Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3.  

Each one of these fields is a value field.  In some proposals, a line item may not be used, therefore it must hold a value of "NA", or, it maybe quoted on an hourly basis, therefore returning a value of "Hourly basis".  Otherwise, it must return the actual set value of the proposal, such as $1,000.00.  I have tried setting up a text selection field for the user to choose the NA and Hourly conditions.  I have also setup a global field testing if one of these conditions exists, to then return NA, Hourly Basis or the value.   Case(Phase 1 Option="NA";"NA; Phase 1 Option ="Hourly";"Hourly Basis";Phase 1)

Everything returns properly, however, the number returns as as text and not a true number.  My approach is certainly wrong.  Any ideas?