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    Calculation Field Sum



      Calculation Field Sum



      I have 2 Calculation fields, one sums the Plus and one sums the minus. Is there a way to get the difference of the two calculation fields?

      Ex: Field_Minus = 10  and Field_plus = 20  

      I need Field_Total= 20 - 10


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          And how do the FIeld_Plus and Field_minus compute their sums? (there's more than one way)

          If they are calculation fields, you should be able to just use: Field_plus - Field_minus.

          But I suspect that this answer is too simple. Perhaps these two fields are summary fields and you need to compute a difference of sub totals?

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            Sorry, didn't give enough info, my bad...


            Field_Plus is a summary field, which adds up all the values of Field_MoneyIGet. 
            Field_Minus is a summary field which adds up all the values of Field_MoneyISpent. 

            So If Record 1 has 10€ in Field_MoneyIGet and Record 2 has 20€ in Field_MoneyIGet, my Field_Plus returns 30 €

            On screen Field_Total = Field_Plus - Field_Minus works but If I print my report, where I have several in between results, It shows always the same value, which is also wrong. 

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              Please, give us your wished result ( see .png )

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                I found a solution, for every record I added a total, where it puts the plus as positive number and minus as negative and then I sum up and i get the difference

                Thank you guys