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calculation field that sums by fiscal year

Question asked by WilliamChang on Aug 16, 2011
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calculation field that sums by fiscal year


I'm working on a donor/donation tracking application for a K-5 school PTA.

I have a donor table and a donation table with a primary key DonorID that is a foreign key to the Donations table (one to many)

In the Donations table, I have the fields DonationDate, DonationAmount, and a calculation filed DonationSchoolYear that is defined as DonationSchoolYear = Year ( Donation Date )-(Month ( Donation Date ) <7)

In the Donors layout, I have a portal field that displays the related Donations records for the current Donor record. Below the Donations portal, I have 3 calculation fields, CurrentSchoolYearSum, PreviousSchoolYearSum, and TotalDonationSum.

The TotalDonationSum is a straight Sum of Donations:DonationAmount and appears to work fine.

The PreviousSchoolYearSum is supposed to be a sum of all donation amounts from the previous school year (August to July)

PreviousSchoolYearSum=If ( Donations::Donation School Year = (Current School Year - 1); Sum ( Donations::Amount ) ; 0 )

where CurrentSchoolYear=Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )-(Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) <7)

The CurrentSchoolYearSum=If ( Donations::Donation School Year = Current School Year; Sum ( Donations::Amount ) ; 0 )

The problem that I'm encountering is that is there is more than one related Donations record for a given Donor record, the sums are returning 0 (zero). see first screenshot.

Where are is only one related Donations record the calculations fields work correctly (see second screenshot).

Am I using IF() incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.