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    calculation field type vs summary



      calculation field type vs summary



      I'm wondering if anyone can point me toward a good document to read on calculation fields, then on calculations versus summary.

      I don't understand why calculations don't/can't be stored if I want them to be, and if I should use a summary field to sum across multiple calculations?





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          Calculations can be stored calculations if all of the referenced fields come from the same record as the record in which your calculation field is defined and if none of those fields have global storage specified, are themselves an unstored calculation field and are not a summary field.

          You can set up a stored calculation that refers to such fields, however, if you define a data field with an auto-enter field option that uses the Calculation option. But it also illustrates why calculation fields cannot be stored in such cases. If you modify the value of a field such that the unstored, global, or summary field referenced in the calc now has a different value, the value of your auto-enter calculation field will not automatically update while your unstored calculation field will update.

          There's a presentation called "shaking the dependency tree" by Darren Terry that should be accessible on the FileMaker Hacks web site that should be very informative on this issue.

          "Calculation vs. Summary" is pretty vague. The two field types are intended for fairly different purposes. Can you make that a more specific question?

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            Hi, Thanks for your quick response. I probably shouldn't have mentioned Summary. I know I need these totals to calculate on the fly, but I keep going back a few steps to see if maybe I should have used the Summary field type because I'm trying to build a Summary layout.

            I have different categories that each have 'total points' calculated based on ratings. I have this working great. Each points total is a calculation field itself, not stored, so if the ratings change the total changes.

            What I would like to do is SUM all the total points across all the categories. However, my total of totals is coming up 0. I'm not sure why. So I thought if I could read some more documentation I might find what I'm doing wrong.

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              Hi, I've been reviewing my total of totals and I got it working. I will read that document you referred me to on Filemaker Hacks though just for the info. Thanks again.

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                You may also find this tutorial on summary reports helpful: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial