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    Calculation Field: Text Matching Related Records



      Calculation Field: Text Matching Related Records


           Say there is a non-key field called PASSWORD in the current table.  The current record contains "BluePotatoes" in the PASSWORD field.

           Say that there are five related records in a different table.  That table contains a non-key field called PASSWORD2.

           How do I create a calculation field in the current table that outputs "TRUE" when one of the five related records in PASSWORD2 is an exact match for "BluePotatoes"?

           I tried the following, but it doesn't work:

           If ( PatternCount ( List ( RELATED_TABLE::PASSWORD2 ) ; PASSWORD ) ; "TRUE" )

           The reason it doesn't work is because "BluePotatoes", "BluePo", "Blu", and "B" all report "TRUE".  However, my application requires a match only when the full string matches.  Does anyone know an easy way, or will I need to create a custom function for this?