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Calculation fields and Relationships

Question asked by KenS on Dec 10, 2009
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Calculation fields and Relationships


I want to be able to use a calculation field in a relationship. In this case the calculation field utilizes a date from another related table. It doesn't seem to work. Calculation fields can be used in relationships. Are they limited to calculations based on the table the field is in?


My situation:


Session Table

date_calc = if ( cond ; Detail Table:: date ; other date )


Detail Table



where  Session Table is related to Detail Table by a key field.


I want to set up a relationship between a filter table and the Session table so that I can show all sessions on a particular date in a portal. When I try it I get no records in the portal. The date_calc field works in displays otherwise. Is this a limit of how calculations and relationships? Should I use a lookup instead?