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Calculation Fields in Main Layout not Working

Question asked by NancyatUCM on Mar 19, 2014
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Calculation Fields in Main Layout not Working


     Hi - I hope somebody can help:  I have several fields in my main layout (Mailing List database) in which I'd like to show calculated sub totals from a related table (gifts/donations).  The fields are:

     2013 Gifts (ie. the total amount of any gifts received between 1/1/13 and 12/31/13)

     2014 Gifts

     Total Gifts to date (total amount given since I re-vamped the database - this one is working)

     I had gotten the 2013 gifts field working so that it always totaled up gifts received within that year, but when I added the 2014 field with the same wording but different dates, the 2013 gifts field went blank.  I deleted the 2014 field and re-created it, but that didn't help.  Also the 2014 field is only showing the most recent 2014 gift, not totaling them if multiple gifts have been given.

     The screen shots below show my field descriptions, my main layout, and a sample record in my main layout.

     Any ideas on how to solve this? I'd really appreciate it!