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Calculation fields won't automatically show result

Question asked by millie on May 10, 2012
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Calculation fields won't automatically show result


Hi.  Can anyone help?  I have set up a simple set of fields which take various costings, apply a discount and calculate them all up into one total order amount.

I have maybe 6 fields of various figures, a discount field and a vat field along with a couple of subtotal fields and a grand total.  All the calculations work ok except they only show if you click on each field.  Until then, they remain empty.

I have taken a look at other posts and have set the actual subtotals and grand total field to be calculations and not numbers fields with calculations within them.

Is there a script I should use to make this update the record?  It is possible that various costings will change so the calculations need to update automatically and show the revised figure when updated.