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    Calculation Fix



      Calculation Fix


      Here is what I tried.


      If ( Goals Employee ID::Status = "unpaid" )Sum ( Goals Employee ID::Amount To Pay )


      Trying to get the total sum of all lines with unpaid in the Status field

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          I think there is a fault in the formula

          If( Goals Employee ID::Status = "unpaid" ) ; "Sum( Goals Employee ID::Amount To Pay );"" ) But I don't think it will work!

          I think using a subsummary field that is a sub total of the Amount to pay sorted on the date or employee

          It should be part of a script that finds "unpaid"

          These are some pointers


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            I would do it a bit differently. Create another instance of your Goals Employee ID table and call it Goals Employee ID 2  and relate to your original Goals Employee ID using the Status Field.

            And then create a field with the calculation (Total amount to pay):

            If (Status="unpaid" ; Sum ( Goals Employee ID 2::Amount To Pay ) ; "")

            Hope this helps :)