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Calculation for Creating Found Set of records

Question asked by sccardais on Jun 27, 2014
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Calculation for Creating Found Set of records


     Every month, we want to send 1/12th of our customers a Customer Satisfaction survey.

     We also want the list to represent a pro rata cross section of our customers based on the product they are using and their size based on the number of their customers (students) they track with our system.

     We have 6 versions of our product 5 customer "size groups." This gives us 30 potential subsets. We'd like to take 1/12th of each and export to a spreadsheet. 

     For example, assume Group 1 is Product 1 and Size tier 1 and it has 100 members. We would take 8 at random from this group setting a temporary flag in the individual records. We would continue this process for the remaining 29 groups.

     I plan to use the Case function to put each customer into one of the 30 groups. Assuming that works ...

How can I randomly choose and flag 1/12th of the people in each group?