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    Calculation for multiple conditions



      Calculation for multiple conditions


      I need to get a looked up value calculation for conditions such as ex. There are products that are like shirts and you select T Shirt and then select blue and then select large and then it looks up the appropriate price. Becuase there are lots one product but with different variables and prices. ex. a large blue t shirt will cost less than a more popular black x-large t shirt. Suggestions will be greatly valued.

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          How have you structured the pricing data in your "look up" table of products?

          If you make a separate record for each combination of color, size and type, you can select a single entry from a product ID value list and it's price would be looked up.

          If all variatons of size and color have the same ProductID, you can still use separate records for each one and then use a relationship such as this to look up the unit price:

          LineItemsTable::ProductID = Products::ProductID AND
          LineItemsTable::Size = Products::Size AND
          LineItemsTable::Color = Products::Color