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Calculation for select field

Question asked by BayArea123 on Dec 29, 2009
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Calculation for select field


Hi there,


I will break this down for sake of simplicity.  I have 2 tables tblGreenhouse and tblApplication.  In table Greenhouse I have listed all the greenhouses in one field (Greenhouse) and amount of signs for each greenhouse in another field (Signs).


The other table is an application table.  tblApplication. This is the working table where records are entered The tables are linked together.  On tblApplication I choose certain greenhouses using checkboxes, in field "GH".  I want to create a calculation that will add the # of signs needed together +4 (automatically) depending on which greenhouse(s) are checked off.  This will be a small number that will show up on the "Details" layout which already exists.


Any help would be great. Thank you!