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Calculation for selling price and margin

Question asked by rkdhuka1974 on Jan 19, 2014
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Calculation for selling price and margin


     Hi i am very new to FM Pro 11.  I know how to calculate Margin when cost and selling price is available or to calculate selling price when cost and margin are available but i want to build my fields in such a way that it gives me option to enter either fields ( selling price or margin) and the other should be automatically calculated for instance:
     Cost Price = 100 (Available)
     Sell Price  =  Calculation field or ??
     Margin     =  Calculation field or ??
     If i put 160 on sell price it should automatically put 37.5% in margin or if i put 37.5% in margin field it should automatically fill sell price for 160.
     I have seen this in other database (not filemaker pro).
     Any help will be highly appreciated.
     Thank you