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Calculation for Shortening Middle Name to First Letter

Question asked by Katie on Apr 5, 2013
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Calculation for Shortening Middle Name to First Letter


     I know how to combine First, Middle and Last name fields into one field using a calculation, but is there a way to input only the first initial of the person's middle name (even if there is a full middle name in the middle name field).

For example, if I have the following fields:

     First: John

     Middle: Joseph

     Last: Smith

And I wanted to combine them to read:

     "Smith, John J." (instead of "Smith, John Joseph")


     How would I do that?  Also, do you recommend using the Trim function in these types of calculations?  Where would I place that?

     I have included my calculation for combining the three full names into "First Middle Last" below so you can see what my exact field and table names are.  

     If ( not IsEmpty ( Contacts::First ) ; Contacts::First & " ") & If ( not IsEmpty ( Contacts::Middle ) ; Contacts::Middle & " " ) & Contacts::Last