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Calculation for text fields

Question asked by lbellino on Aug 5, 2014
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Calculation for text fields


     Hello. I've been trying to find any similar posts in hopes in finding an answer, but can't seem to find what I'm trying to do, which is probably easy. I've tried using the "If (IsEmpty...)" function for this, since I have 5 possible fields that could be filled out with any sort of text, and need a field that will calculate if any one of these fields are filled out. I've done this with numbers, but not with any text. This is what I've tried to use for a calculation, which doesn't work or I'm missing something:

     If (IsEmpty ( Department_Kiosk1); 0 ; 1 + (IsEmpty ( Department_Kiosk2); 0 ; 1) and so on.

     Note: Have the calculation result a a number; Number of repetitions: 1; Have it checked to not evaluate if all reference fields are empty.

     Trying to come up with, if any these fields are empty, it's counted as zero and if it is filled out, it counts it as one. Image attached is showing the 5 fields that could possible be filled out , along with the field that I'm trying to get this calculation to work for. Any help is greatly appreciated.