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Calculation formula ? Relationship ?

Question asked by ayhanimren on Feb 21, 2013
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Calculation formula ? Relationship ?



     I'm hoping someone here can help me
     I have a Basic invoice Database with Basic Relationship

                      ------CONTACTS --- INVOICES --- LINEITEMS --- PRODUCTS
           city ---I

     with INVOICE Layout. CONTACT name, price field, tax field,Date Name,price2 field,
     INVOICE date... checkbox set (inside the Portal)and some specific Drop-down lists
     one of them is named "Month" Drop-down list , "Month" has the following choices: January,
     February, March, April, .... and the other months.
     I use this (select) manually (because Separate withs "INVOICE date")
     Here is where I am having problems

     For example:

     Base is "March" from "Month"Drop-down list

     "March" I<<--------count of state5-----------<<<< state5>>>> Drop-down list
                   I<<--------count of city45-----------<<<< sity45>>>> Drop-down list
                   I<<--------count of checkbox---------<<<< one of checkbox set
                   I<<--------count of price2-----------<<<< price2 field>>>> Calculating:sum/min/max/average....

     what i wont is: count of/sum/min/max/average.... related to "March"
     from INVOICE Layout (Drop-down list,checkbox set,fields...)

     I'm sorry if I don't explain this well
     Thanks - let me know if I am not clear enogh


     FM 12 V3 Advanced on Windows 8