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    Calculation formula ? Relationship ?



      Calculation formula ? Relationship ?



           I'm hoping someone here can help me
           I have a Basic invoice Database with Basic Relationship

                            ------CONTACTS --- INVOICES --- LINEITEMS --- PRODUCTS
                 city ---I

           with INVOICE Layout. CONTACT name, price field, tax field,Date Name,price2 field,
           INVOICE date... checkbox set (inside the Portal)and some specific Drop-down lists
           one of them is named "Month" Drop-down list , "Month" has the following choices: January,
           February, March, April, .... and the other months.
           I use this (select) manually (because Separate withs "INVOICE date")
           Here is where I am having problems

           For example:

           Base is "March" from "Month"Drop-down list

           "March" I<<--------count of state5-----------<<<< state5>>>> Drop-down list
                         I<<--------count of city45-----------<<<< sity45>>>> Drop-down list
                         I<<--------count of checkbox---------<<<< one of checkbox set
                         I<<--------count of price2-----------<<<< price2 field>>>> Calculating:sum/min/max/average....

           what i wont is: count of/sum/min/max/average.... related to "March"
           from INVOICE Layout (Drop-down list,checkbox set,fields...)

           I'm sorry if I don't explain this well
           Thanks - let me know if I am not clear enogh


           FM 12 V3 Advanced on Windows 8





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               And if you have records for March 2012 and other records for March 2013, how does that affect the totals, averages, etc shown?

               For the fields that you want to get this aggregate data: state5, city45, checkbox, price2.... In what table are they defined?

               what is meant by the numbers shown in these field names? Do you have 45 city fields?

               What kind of "count" do you want from your checkbox field? (That one could well be a problem here.)

               Why do you need to see this on an Invoices layout?