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calculation from a different table

Question asked by tutorl on Jul 31, 2009
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calculation from a different table


I use filemaker pro 9.x, and in my database I have 3 tables:


table1: FELLOWS

table2: FELLOWS_vs_ITEMS

table3: ITEMS


The fields in table1 (FELLOWS) are

ID_FELLOW (number, unique, not empty, it is the table key) 

NAME (text, name of the fellow)

ISGOOD (calculation based on the records of TABLE2 and TABLE3, the result must be "Yes" or "No", see below for explanation)


The table2 (FELLOWS_vs_ITEMS) is used to relate FELLOWS with ITEMS. One fellow can own different items. The fields in table2 (FELLOWS_vs_ITEMS) are:

ID_FELLOW (number, identifies the fellow)

ID_ITEM (number, identifies the item)

PURCHASE_DATE (date,  date when the fellow purchased the item)


The fields in table3 (ITEMS) are

ID_ITEM (number, unique, not empty, it is the table key)

DESCRIPTION (text, item description)

BRAND (text, brand of the item) 



Now, the problem is the following: for each record in table1 (FELLOWS), the calculation field ISGOOD must be "Yes" if the fellow purchased on 12/06/2008 an item by the brand XXX; otherwise the result must be "No".



Many thanks

Tommaso (Italy)