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Calculation from portal records

Question asked by RafaCorrea on Nov 6, 2011
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Calculation from portal records


Hi, I am new with DB in general and I’m learning on the go. I created a research database and I am having problems doing some calculations with some portal records, let me explain:

In Table one each records is for a specific clinical encounter, and it has a portal which has on each record information on a follow up visit (date, time since encounter, complications, severity of complications and attributability of complication to encounter).

Now most of the portal records don’t have a severity or attributability field filled.

One of my goals is to be able to count how many of the encounters have an attributability  related portal record that is different that “Unrelated”

One of my goals that I have not been successful at is to be able to select encounters that have any visit (Not just the first one that is one of the problems I have encountered) with an attributability field filled with something different to “Unrelated” so I can use that result in a ratio calculation with another field.